Handmade ceramic piggy banks

Individual and unique ceramic piggy banks handcrafted with love in Stamford, England. Every pig is created individually from earthenware clay and decorated in a range of colours and styles before being fitted with a perfectly sized cork nose. The pigs make a perfect gift for baby showers, christenings or for anyone who loves pigs!

The Pigs

The first piggy was given as a unique, one-off gift for my first nephew, something he would love as a child and cherish over the years. No two pigs are the same and you can even customise your pig by choosing your favourite ears, colours and the curliness of her tail!

Where to Buy

Pigs are available to purchase online and at local craft markets, or by contacting me directly. I have a lot of demand for pigs at the moment, but a small deposit will secure your piggy!

The Pottery

All pigs begin life as an unloved lump of white earthenware clay. To start the process, the pig body is thrown on the potters wheel. After drying, the features are added, not forgetting the curly tail. After that, it's fired in the kiln and then glazed and has one last firing before the piggy is ready for his new home.